Louise A. Jackson, ‘Gender equalities at work: writing an interdisciplinary history of feminist campaigning in the UK c. 1970-2020’ (19 oct.)

Jeudi 19 octobre à 17h : Louise A. Jackson (Edimbourg), ‘Gender equalities at work: writing an interdisciplinary history of feminist campaigning in the UK c. 1970-2020’

It is 50 years since landmark legislation – the Equal Pay Act 1970 and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 – gave legal effect to the principle of gender equality in the workplace as a statutory requirement in the UK. Whilst campaigns were stimulated by the Women’s Liberation Movement, which rejected formal organisational models, they were taken forward by trade unionists as well as those who moved into occupational roles as lawyers, journalists, equal opportunities experts, policy advisers and ‘femocrats’ within mainstream institutions. This paper draws on interdisciplinary research conducted for the AHRC-funded project Gender Equalities at Work, which seeks to map the trajectories and experiences of equal pay and anti-discrimination campaigning since the 1970s and up to the present. The project overall provides a comprehensive analysis of the strategies, mechanisms, networks and tools that were used by key actors to shift the terms of legal and cultural discourse. This paper will discuss two discrete elements of our work. Firstly, it will explore some of the methodological challenges and benefits of working across disciplines to write a contemporary history of feminist campainging. Secondly, it will focus in on one particular strand: campaigning against workplace sexual harassment (which was judged to be a form of sex discrimination in 1986), to provide a characterisation of campaigning phases from the 1970s through to #MeToo. In so doing, it will seek to comment on how understanding of its history contributes to current debates on legal responses to sexual harassment. 


Louise A. Jackson is Professor of Modern Social History at the University of Edinburgh. Her research has traversed the social history of childhood and youth, women’s history, gender history and histories of the law, criminal justice and policing in Modern Britain. She is the author or co-author of five monographs including Women Police: Welfare and Surveillance in the Twentieth Century (2006), Policing Youth: Britain, 1945-70 (2014) and Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland (2020). She is an editor of Social History, the international academic journal. The paper draws on the project ‘Gender Equalities at Work – an Interdisciplinary History of 50 Years of Legislation’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and a collaboration between researchers at the University of Edinburgh, University College London, and The University of the West of England.

Les ressources numériques en histoire britannique

Jeudi 5 octobre 2023 à 17h (salle D421 à Serpente) :


Frédérique Lachaud, Stéphane Jettot et Fabrice Bensimon (Sorbonne Université) : « Les ressources numériques en histoire britannique »

 Cette séance, à l’intention des étudiants de master et de doctorat, évoquera les principales ressources numériques en ligne en histoire britannique. Après une présentation générale, certaines collections en histoire médiévale, moderne et contemporaine seront plus particulièrement présentées.

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Ressources numériques en histoire britannique