Paul Pickering, “Rethinking Australia after 1788: an island nation in a British world”

Paul Pickering, de la Australian National University, présentera sa communication “Rethinking Australia after 1788: an island nation in a British world” le vendredi 1er avril, de 14h à 16h. Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, Paris 6e , salle D323.

Changement de date : cette séance remplace celle initialement prévue le 31 mars, reportée en raison de la journée de mobilisation contre la loi travail.

Podcast ci-dessous et sur le site de la SAS:


Australia is often cited as one of the most successful democracies in the world. Many of the social and political reforms achieved in Australia before the First World War were implemented well before the Imperial metropole. Indeed, as early as the 1890s, Australia was widely regarded as a ‘workingman’s paradise’ and a ‘Better Britain’. The achievement of a comparatively progressive and democratic society however was tainted by racist views, which diverged markedly from the abstract notions of indigenous rights in the Empire. This paper will examine the relationship between Britain and the ‘Better Britain’ in the antipodes and question the value of telling stories of the British World.